Empowering Non-profit Organization in Hawaii

Welcome to READ Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the joy of reading and learning in Hawaii. Our mission is simple yet impactful: we're here to make literacy accessible to everyone in our community. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to explore the world through the pages of a book. Our goal is to empower individuals of all ages to develop strong reading skills and discover the endless possibilities that education brings.
We offer a range of services designed to support our mission. From organizing engaging events that bring people together for the cause of literacy to providing scholarships that ensure education is within reach, we're committed to making a positive difference. Our products, like t-shirts, mesh shorts, trucker hats, and wristbands, not only help raise funds but also spread awareness about our cause.
Our programs go beyond just reading words; they're about igniting curiosity, enhancing understanding, and embracing diverse cultures. We know that learning doesn't stop in the classroom; it continues at home. That's why we also offer resources and strategies to families in Hawaii, helping them create an environment where learning thrives.
Join us in building a stronger, more literate America. Together, we can transform lives through the power of reading and education. Let's turn the pages of possibility and open doors to a brighter future for everyone.


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