Addressing America's Literacy Challenge

With over 25 million individuals reading below a fifth-grade level, a significant challenge looms over American society. But what strides are we taking to confront this issue head-on? Enter the R.E.A.D. (Reading Educates All Diversities) Foundation Inc., a dedicated non-profit organization committed to fostering literacy. Through both financial and educational support, we strive to elevate literacy rates across the nation. However, our mission's success hinges on collaboration – the aspiration of those in need seeking the aid offered by READ Foundation Inc., and the collective contribution of society. By standing beside us, supporting programs, and engaging in transformative events, we are embarking on a shared journey to create a more literate America.

Let's Shape a Literate Future Together

We're thrilled to connect with you! Whether you have questions, ideas, or a strong desire to contribute to our literacy-driven mission, this is the place to reach out. Your partnership and involvement are pivotal in fostering a more educated and empowered society. Let's collaborate to turn pages, ignite minds, and make a positive impact. Fill out the form below, and let's embark on this journey of transformation, one word at a time.