Event Planning

Event Planning

Event Planning

At READ Foundation, Inc., we believe that when people come together with a common purpose, amazing things can happen. That's why we've put a lot of effort into creating our Event Planning Program.

Through this program, we organize different kinds of events that aren't just about having a good time – they're also about making a difference. These events can range from big parties to workshops and gatherings where people from all walks of life can join hands to support the cause of literacy.

When we plan these events, we're not just thinking about raising money; we're also thinking about how to spread the word about the importance of reading and learning. It's like throwing a party with a purpose. These events give folks a chance to meet new friends, share their thoughts, and learn more about how they can help improve literacy in America.

So, our event planning isn't just about putting together events – it's about creating opportunities for everyone to play a part in making our society more literate and knowledgeable.


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